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Deus escreve certo por linhas tortas 2020

Curated by Roc Laseca

“In this edition, Pinta Platform has gathered a group of six individual projects that highlight the role assumed by art in new perception models, within the extensive moment of change that explains the post-human emergency in which we are immersed. Special interest is dedicated to projects that explore materiality, and focus on the groundwork of two dimensionality. The six Platforms of Pinta Miami 2019 present contrasting spaces that address the concern for molding certainties (aesthetic, cosmic, physical and historical) within this turn that has put in check the presumption of humanity, production, and the status quo. ”

Exposition / Exhibition
Juried by Donna Harkavy
November 1st to November 30th /2019
Brooklyn, NY
Horaire / Schedule

Exposição – Espaço entre as coisas – Galeria Mercedes Viegas
Até o dia 06 de junho. Segunda a sexta das 12hs as 20hs
Curadoria – Sonia Salcedo Del Castillo.
Rua João Borges 86 Gávea. Rio de Janeiro

sobre acomodar 2018
escultura / bronze e ferro

Antonio Bokel
Editora Réptil

Exposição NADA ALÉM DAS PALAVRAS curadoria Daniela Name . Galeria Matias Brotas